[Menvi-discuss] The Paul Franklin Method and Accessibility

Eddie Salcido rednexican75 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 15:09:41 EDT 2019

Good afternoon.
There are a lot of questions contained in this email.
I just purchased the Paul Franklin Method for learning pedal steel guitar and I'm having several issues at once. The course is heavy with slide presentations and some videos that don't have explanations. In addition, there are tabs that you tap in order to access the material. When I double tap on those, I get nothing. Also, I can't access the course from my PC either. When I go to the area to sign in, it says that students can sign in using the link above. I've searched and searched and there's no such link. Lastly, pedal steel guitar tableture is included in this course in PDF format. Can tableture of this sort be read using JAWS or Voiceover?
I sent an email inquiry to the support team and have heard nothing back so far. I realize that this is probably the first time they're dealing with this issue and are probably in the dark just as much as me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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