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Debra Baxley debrabaxley330 at gmail.com
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My name is Debra, also.  Welcome to the list, which comprises a lot of 
Braille music transcribers.  Also, music students, parents, and 
educators are on this list.


On 6/23/2019 11:11 AM, Deb B. via Menvi-discuss wrote:
> Hi to everyone,
> I’m totally new to the list and usually I wait to see the kinds of 
> questions and subject matter allowed on the list, but I have questions.
> First of all, I was trying to put a piece of piano music into braille 
> from an audio course I had used in the past.  The piano used in the 
> course was not in sync with my old piano nor with a keyboard for part 
> of the course.  When I tried to transcribe the notes given by the 
> instructor, I tried transcribing on the braille writer and on the 
> computer. In the past, I’ve transcribed music but I had been 
> transcribing it from a braille book so I’d have a personal useable 
> copy.  I had no problems.  But transcribing from the audio, I found 
> that it was difficult to know which hand—right or left—would be the 
> longest line, so I couldn’t line up the music for each hand properly.
> Is there anyone who has transcribed music on a braille writer without 
> having a braille copy to go by? Any hints as to the best way to do it 
> properly using a Braille writer?
> Maybe this doesn’t make sense when reading it.  But this is my most 
> recent problem.
> I’ve got others as well as I found out about Hadley’s discontinuing 
> the music courses about the time I was going to sign up.  I was 
> devastated!!
> Then there’s the problem of trying to read Braille music using my 
> braille display.  As I can read only one line at a time, it’s hard to 
> learn both hands.  <g<
> I’m so thankful for this list as at least I know where there are 
> others who can either help or know what it’s like to try and grow 
> musically without resources.
> Thanks,
> Deb B.
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