[Menvi-discuss] Hadley No Longer Offering Braille Music Courses!

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I wonder why they decided to stop teaching these courses? Do they say why? Did you contact them to ask them why and would there be other places that would offer a course like you are looking for?

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Hi All,

I was shocked to find out yesterday that the Hadley Institute is no longer offering any of their Learning To Read Braille Music courses. Thank goodness I was able to get the basic course & keyboard course in under the wire. I wanted to take the third course on learning Vocal music, but now won’t be able to. So disappointing.

I would never have thought it possible that they would do away with this valuable resource to adult students. I feel bad for a friend of mine who wanted to take the music courses with them now that she’s going back to piano. Anyway, I referred her to this list.

Just thought you should know in case you didn’t.



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