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Hello I don’t mean to appear dum but I have never used barred. When you get that music and you download it, don’t you have to have a braille display sort of to be able to read the download? I don’t have any braille displays so I am not sure how barred could help me. I just simply borrow books in all the places where I can borrow them and then return them and if I need them for a time longer I just ask for an extention.

Thank you for explaining.


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I found a copy of the Mozart Sonata in A, K.331, done by the American Printing House for the Bllind.  It was on BARD, so I downloaded it to my computer, then I emailed it to Anderson Go.

I assume he received it, but I haven’t heard from him.

If I did more than I should have, please let me know, so I can be more careful in the future.  Thank you.


Gil Busch



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