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Leslie Costello costello_clan at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 22 01:22:03 EDT 2019

Is there a list of resources, like a one-stop shop, for places to locate music that is already in existence?  I obviously know of the major players, but I feel like its always a major hunt and search each summer and feel like there's got to be a better way to do things. My school (per state law) requires at least 2 quotes for each one so its not an easy task!
I am not visually-impaired myself, but am a teacher at a school for the blind so I am looking for method books (I prefer Standard of Excellence), band method full pieces, beginning band pieces, and instrument-specific supplementals. I also teach Music Theory --- I currently use Bettye's book, Richard's book, and Alfred's.  We also have a chorus teacher not versed in braille music so I help with the resources for piano lab (we use Alfred's Adult right now) and are just starting up our general music program so will be looking for elementary general music books. We also need recital and music lesson pieces for those taking private lessons after school. So you can see I need to efficiently look for materials to cover the entire K-12 music program for over 100 students.
Thanks for any help y'all can provide!
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