[Menvi-discuss] Oops--wrong part of Measure 24 for Braille music sign!

Stephanie Pieck themusicsuite at verizon.net
Fri Jun 21 18:32:28 EDT 2019



… And I apologize for looking at the wrong part of that measure! We’re all human; we all love music; and it’s called “playing” an instrument for a reason—to keep us all smiling and not worrying too much about when we slip up.


In case all the hard work of learning the Martini gets to you, you could always resort to drinking a martini instead.


Happy practicing.



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Hi All,


Boy, do I feel dumb!


Several of you told me what the braille symbols were in a measure of Martini Gavotte, and I disputed it when you were correct about it being a down-bow half-note G. Its just when I looked at that bit it did not strike me as the signs I should have known. I think it was the breath mark with dots 345 near the end of the line plus the opening dots of 126 in the down-bow that made me start thinking they were some type of parens or bracketed something or other from previous versions of the code. I also think that if there hadn’t been continuation marks at the end of the line and the measure was written out all in one on a single line it would have clicked more easily for me. Okay, I know I’m making excuses for myself. So sorry for telling the experts they were not correct!


I didn’t have time to write back sooner about this, plus the fact that I felt embarrassed over not knowing some very basic symbols <SHEEPISH GRIN>.



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Subject: [Menvi-discuss] Oops--wrong part of Measure 24 for Braille music sign!


Hi again,


Sorry; I just found the signs Eileen was asking about. They indicate a down bow on a half note G. Down bow equals dots 126, 12; half note G equals dots 1235 (which is also the literary letter R); and after that is a two-cell sign indicating a breath mark (dots 126, 2).


I apologize for the confusion. Measure 24 of this piece is split between lines, and the measure number at the margin is used for the second half of the measure. I missed the dot 3 following the measure number that would have told me it was a continuation of a measure begun on the previous line.





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