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Wow this is good. The crazy things is that my schedule has been so eratic 
and up in the air. This will be thrid time I have asked this new student to 
change. First it was going to be on the 24th and then I realized that 
something is going on ande then my room mate took me by surprise with 
something on Thursday the 27th. The thing is I had this student booked for 
the 27th. Now I have to change again. She can be here in the house with me 
on Wednesday the 26th at ten thirty and then I am asking her what do I do if 
he has to change the day and time? She is trying to accommodate me plus her 
other work schedule and she also works for me so I feel that because she 
does if I need her then I need to find the right times when she will be 
around. I think that after I get to know this man I will be ok with him on 
my own but until then it is wise and I appreciate the good advice. This is 
so imbarassing. I should have told my room mate that I couldn't cancel to 
take a bus trip to the shore. She says that I am asking her to change her 
schedule around and I kind of think that it is bothering her a bit but I 
also know that she does it a lot to me and because of her schedule she 
always has to break up her day with me. I would like to have a straight 
through day if you know aht I mean. Well anyway I don't want to loose this 
student plus there may be a possibility of maybe three more students. I am 
not sure. When I go out to a restaurant and meet a waitress I give them my 
business card. I don???t' want to flaunt my address out there everywhere.

Another thing I am having trouble with is my google voice business phone 
number. I am not sure how compatable this is with jaws and I do need help. 
If anyone ont eh list can possibly help me as my teacher has to study up on 
it but maybe someone knows about it and if they can help I would be 
eternally greatful. I had to eventually call this new student on my home 
phone. It was getting to be such a hastle so I just did it. Anyway my 
youtube channel is carol sexton sings so they do know who I am and anyone 
could look me up.

So this is my dilema as I am approaching and launching in to my career more 
and more as a music teacher.

Hopefully I can get it all straightened out and thanks for anyone's help.

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A representative of a security company gave me this great advice:  When
alone in the house, open the doors for all of the rooms so that you can hear
and smell what is happening throughout the house.  If something falls down
or becomes overheated or (God forbid!) catches fire, you will know very
Karen Gearreald


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