[Menvi-discuss] BRF request.

Carol Sexton sunshinepa at verizon.net
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May I change this subject? I have a new student coming to my house, he is a 
comoplete stranger to me. Everyone says it isn't wise to let strangers come 
in to your home whenyou are alone. I see nothing with this really because 
this person seemed very pleasant ont eh phone and very intent on learning 
the piano. He is 66 and he says that in ten years he wants to be 
accomplished. I suppose the first couple of times I should have someone here 
but after that I should be able to be on my own. I can't always count on 
people being ehre. I suppose I should only be teaching women and children? 
How do you people handle this? In this crazy world I guess we can't be to 
careful but there is a difference in being careful and being paranoyed.

Could I have some opinions on this? I suppose it sounds strange that I woul 
want to talk about something like this.


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Hi all,
I was curious to see if anyone had a BRF file of Mozart's Ah! vous dirai je 
maman KV 265" (variations).

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