[Menvi-discuss] Sight reading Tips for braille music

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Sat Jun 15 22:03:01 EDT 2019

My advice would be to try harder to insist on 
having adequate preparation time for gigs and other important occasions.

If you can somehow handle the cognitive load of 
sight-reading at the level of a competant sighted 
practicioner, you're better than I'll ever be at it.

At 09:57 PM 6/15/2019, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm just curious to know how those that use 
>braille music regularly go about sight reading? 
>Can a blind music do it as quickly as a sighted 
>musician, and how do you go when you have to do this with other musicians?
>I use braille music almost daily at the moment. 
>Between my synphony chorus andchurch, I geta good work out of braille music.
>I have found that I am getting better at reading 
>rhythms and the notes. However, I find and hardt 
>o sing words and music both at the same time. I 
>can use my left hand to halp read words while 
>singing, but I cant sing every lyric like this.
>I do practice my scores at home but sometimes am 
>in a situation where I have the score just 
>before rehearsing it. Beside, I want to improve even more...
>So, what are your tips on sightreading as abl 
>musician, if such a thing is possible?
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