[Menvi-discuss] Another Braille Music Code Question.

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Hi Kathleen,

Thanks, but that’s not it. The notes that start the measure on the next line begin with the abbreviation for Forte and then an an up-bow sign on the 5th octave quarter B.


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It’s hard to know without the full context – but the first two cells could be a downbow? But if the dots 1235 following represent the first note on the braille line (half note G), there should be an octave indicator before the note.

Just a thought…



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Hi All, 


Another question on the Martini Gavotte in Suzuki Violin School, Violin Part Vol. 3 which I downloaded

from NLS.


I am reading through it and at the beginning of measure 24, there are 4 cells worth of symbols that I can’t figure out what they stand for. While I don’t remember having learned them, its possible I did and am not recalling their meaning. 


The first cell has dots 126 (what I think of mostly as the flat sign) then immediately following it the letters B & R then followed by dots 345 (what I think of as the word sign)Then a dot three & I think a dot 5 to indicate the measure is being continued on the next braille line.


The music that follows it is clear to me, but need some help with this little section. Any ideas on this?


Thanks as always for your help.




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