[Menvi-discuss] Oops--wrong part of Measure 24 for Braille music sign!

Stephanie Pieck themusicsuite at verizon.net
Wed Jun 12 18:11:08 EDT 2019

Hi again,


Sorry; I just found the signs Eileen was asking about. They indicate a down
bow on a half note G. Down bow equals dots 126, 12; half note G equals dots
1235 (which is also the literary letter R); and after that is a two-cell
sign indicating a breath mark (dots 126, 2).


I apologize for the confusion. Measure 24 of this piece is split between
lines, and the measure number at the margin is used for the second half of
the measure. I missed the dot 3 following the measure number that would have
told me it was a continuation of a measure begun on the previous line.



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