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Hi. I would definitely mention the services that Dancing Dots provides, either with transcription of theory materials or the software for you to produce your assignments. It would also be nice to have an actual transcriber if you need to turn in assignments that way. Just a couple thoughts off the top of my head. I went to school in the 80s before the real advent of personal computers and adaptive software, let alone disability service offices. The only accommodations were more time for tests. Those were the good all days. It really caused a person to advocate for themselves because you knew no one else was going to. It’s good that you are advocating for yourself now and really seem to be quite on top of things. Congratulations!

Sacred sheet music for small ensembles:

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> I’m going to college for music education, and I received an email about accommodations for Music theory. In the email, it says, “If you have any special tips or suggestions or requests for your music theory instructor in the fall (whoever that may be), I’d welcome them.  I do not have any personal experience working with blind students, so this will definitely be a learning experience for me.”  On to my question.   What technology do you wish you would’ve had when you took music theory? What do you wish your instructors would have known? I was  thinking of mentioning the braille music transcriber I use and lyme aloud from Dancing Dots.  What other technology should I bring up?    I have a meeting with the office of disabilities tomorrow, and  I don’t want to miss anything when requesting accommodations  for music classes.     Thank you.
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