[Menvi-discuss] What do these mean?

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How can we find a list of these music symbols and just what they mean and then you need to be able to recognize them when they come up in the music.

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Hey all, I’m a new member and I’m not sure what the purpose or meaning of some braille music symbols. I’ve listed them below, if it helps I came across most of these while attempting to read through Chopin’s first ballade. Hopefully it won’t be confusing without seeing the score. 

•accumulating arpeggio sign

•larger value and smaller value signs

•musical comma

•moving note sign

•in-accord whole measure or bar/in-accord part measure

•measure division sign

Last of all, what is the purpose and difference of the braille music codes? The three I came across were literary, music code, and music code CONT. 

Ton P


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