[Menvi-discuss] My difficulties playing the piano

Carol Sexton sunshinepa at verizon.net
Wed Apr 17 19:40:18 EDT 2019

Well here is my problem and I created this problem. I was doing some 
exercises where you hold certain fingers down and then you play others. I 
got my third and fourth fingers croked because I was forcing them to hard 
and now I can't straighten them out. I try to. So far it hasn't affected my 
piano playing to much.

Maybe your problem is similar.

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Hello all,

I am writing to ask for advice.

I am currently a music student getting my AA in vocal performance
eventually going to transfer to get my BA in music education with a
choir focus to direct a choir of my very own someday.

Now I know eventually I will have to learn piano at some point but I
have an issue.

I am double jointed so my fingers cannot stay straight when hitting the
keys because whenever I do my finger bends towards my palm making
playing somewhat difficult.

I am not quite sure what I should do my family wants me to get private
lessons but I am not quite sure if that will be the proper course of
action for me.

I just wanted to get  a second opinion.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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