[Menvi-discuss] Electronic books on ethnomusicology and anthropology

Nafset Chenib nafsetik at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 01:08:47 EDT 2019

Dear MENVI members,

I am writing you regarding electronic books.

I faced the problem when a certain electronic book (especially professional literature such as ethnomusicological literature) can be purchased and  accessible only via book reader such as Amazon Kindle, Google Books, etc. I find the most of those apps not quite well accessible. However, I use them while reading non-fiction literature.

Nevertheless, for professional literature I prefer to read books in Braille. Luckily, I have Orbit Reader which works in stand-alone mode just as reader without computer or phone. But the only accessible files for Orbit are BRF and TXT. So, in order to make the ebook accessible to Orbit reader, I convert existing file into necessary format with Braille Bluster software. 

Here is my question: is there any specific ebook source from where I can purchase a file that can be downloaded to my computer instead of being downloaded to a certain app?

Please share your ideas. This is very important question for me as I got accepted to PhD program in ethnomusicology and I have to read lots of literature on ethnomusicology and socio-cultural anthropology. I would greatly appreciate any advice you might provide me with.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards,

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