[Menvi-discuss] braille embossers

Eden eden420 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 16 17:47:15 EDT 2019

Ok, folks, I'm at investing in a used cheap braille embosser. I have seen some for 500 even but they have  parallel ports. ow'm tobbd you can still use them with a converter and even in windows 10. How old is too old and if someone is selling something like a Romeo 60 they don't list a version so how would I do not o how o old. Are there embossers that do not work with eroodfeel? I'm feeling clueless here. Also, if ow want text with my music how would ow do that? Say someone sends me like a page from a textbook and someone makes an xml file of the music how can I get the rest of the text to print out? must  I use thuxbury or may I use some more reasonably priced. Thanks.  

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