[Menvi-discuss] Music theory in college

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Tue Apr 16 10:26:07 EDT 2019

Hi there.
I hope you are running Windows on a PC.
If that is the case, I urge you to get a copy of Lime and Lime Aloud, 
from Dancing Dots.
You can then produce notation on paper for your professors, for 
sighted peers in rehearsals, etc. More information at:

Sighted folks will also be able to export things in Music XML from 
whichever notation program they favor, which you can then load into 
Lime and explore with speech and Braille, if you have a Braille 
display, or emboss with the Goodfeel music Braille translator.

Yes, you can dictate answers to sighted transcribers, but at least in 
my case in college, that only got me so far. Imagine trying to keep 
track of two or three voices in your head for a counterpoint 
assignment, and slowly dictating that to a sighted assistant, a note 
at a time. "No, ok, that B I said should go in the tenor part? Um, 
can we make that a 3rd octave A? OH wait, you don't use octave signs 
in print..." Imagine doing that for hours! Some can manage it, but 
for me, the extra cognitive load was too stressful.

If you do go the dictation route, make sure you have a little 
understanding of how things look on the staff to a sighted person, 
basically know which notes go on what line or space for the various 
clefs, so you can communicate effectively. Sighted folks aren't going 
to know anything about octave signs, interval signs, and other 
aspects of how we do things in Braille and you need to meet them half 
way, especially if they are volunteering their time.

My last tip would be to get Lime and Lime Aloud in plenty of time to 
learn how to use it, before classes start. The last thing you want to 
be doing is trying to learn brand new software while completing 
assignments and meeting deadlines.

Good luck,


At 11:09 PM 4/15/2019, you wrote:
>For those of you who went to college as a music major, what 
>accommodations did you receive when you took music theory? I know 
>that I will need my theory textbook and Music to be transcribed into 
>braille, but how will I submit my assignments two professors who can 
>see? Thank you. Any tips you can give on being a music major is appreciated.
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