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I’ll give you a little historical background on my experience and then suggest some things. I was a music major in the early 1980s. There were no computers, no braille textbooks, just recordings of the theory textbook. It was from the Learning Ally, formerly recording for the blind. A lady played the notes on her upright piano and described the music. Since I have perfect pitch, it worked for me and I did not need a braille copy. I dictated my assignments to my professor or met with him to describe what I would notate. 

Fast forward about 35 years. Now I have the Dancing Dots program which I would have gone head over heels for in the 1980s. I can produce anything in music notation for anyone to read. I don’t know if I would go to the luxury of having a braille textbook because that would be an arduous undertaking that I’m not sure is necessary. But, everybody has their own preference.

At the very least, I would absolutely without a shadow of a doubt recommend that somehow, you obtain and learn the Dancing Dots program. It will be absolutely invaluable to you. Later in the 1980s when I started teaching music, I used a very primitive little notetaker that produced very rudimentary music notation. It served me well. It is such a blessing now to have such amazing technology, especially if you lived through a time where you didn’t have it or had to make do with dinosaurs. They weren’t dinosaurs then, but much appreciated. It helps to have the perspective of 35 years of a journey. All my best,

Sacred sheet music for small ensembles:

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> For those of you who went to college as a music major, what accommodations did you receive when you took music theory? I know that I will need my theory textbook and Music to be transcribed into braille, but how will I submit my assignments two professors who can see? Thank you. Any tips you can give on being a music major is appreciated.
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