[Menvi-discuss] some problems with music memorization

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Hey I think that you have to work when the time for you is best and yes if you are tired you won’t be able to think clearly. If I am going to learn something that is new and un familiar to me, I will try and find that piece on youtube. I think that hearing something helps tremendously. Sometimes I find that things are hard to read. One thing that I always seemed to have trouble with when memorizing difficult pieces is rhythm. My teacher would make me work it out at my lessons and it ws indeed laborious and painful but if she had just played it and showed it to me by ear, I would have never learn to read something that was difficult. This seemed to help me a great deal. I think that people have to develop memorizing skills. Some of us may have these skills and we find that memorizing isn’t difficult while others have difficulty. We all have our weaknesses but we can all strive to improve them and I think that it is entirely possible to develop good skills and then we can help others who have had difficulties. Any tips and tricks you can give someone is extremely valuable.

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Hello, Eden,

I have been memorizing music since childhood, and at first had no trouble.  But then piano pieces got longer and more difficult, and I started having trouble.  

It was during high school that I got Chopin’s Scherzo No. 2.  A teacher who knew I was struggling with the piece gave me a recording of the work, and this really helped me.  I have always been able to remember music by hearing it on a radio or on a recording, so with a recording I was able to get a foreknowledge of the music I was about to read in braille, and get into my fingers.

It also helps to know wen your best memorizing time is.  Mine is probably morning or early afternoon; trying to memorize after working all day is not a good idea for me, but you may be different.

I hope this helps.

Gil Busch



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