[Menvi-discuss] some problems with music memorization

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Hey just keep on keeping on and never get discouraged. It is good to be able to play hands independently. My teacher always asked me to do that as well. This proves that you really know the piece. Not good to depend on one hand to keep the other hand going. Keep practicing the hands separately. I think that in time your skills at memorizing should get better and better.

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Thank all of you for your advice. I think my memory has decreased in efficacy as I move into my mid 40s, lol. Yes, I can remember small chunks and then I get lost. I'm a braille music reader but maybe not as fluent as some, I did the Hadley course but something about the layout did not resonate with me so I do the best I can. Listening to a recording helps a little though not a lot, my ear is not the greatest though I'm starting to be better. I can certainly hear when I've hit the wrong note! I learn 2 or 3 pieces at once so as not to get bored, but maybe that's a problem I don't know. I usually take 4 weeks to two months to learn a song 30 to 70 measures long.  These are intermediate pieces I'd say though I've only been playing harp for a year but had some childhood experience with piano that I mostly forgot.  
I'm wondering if writing it out in lay language kind of like taking notes would help. Maybe recording each phrase so I get a picture of when things should play in each hand. I really have a hard time playing separately. I can get a whole piece going in both hands then my teacher says play just the right hand  such and such measure then I can't. I don't recall having learning issues like this as a child.   Maybe doing that and humming and working on it away from the harp will help. I just feel like it's daunting sometimes. It frustrates me when I hear about someone learning a piece over the weekend, I wonder will ow ever be that proficient even if I get that good at the harp because of my inability to seem to memorize it all.  


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