[Menvi-discuss] some problems with music memorization

Busch, Gilbert gbus at loc.gov
Mon Apr 15 13:28:09 EDT 2019

Hello, Eden,
I have been memorizing music since childhood, and at first had no trouble.  But then piano pieces got longer and more difficult, and I started having trouble.
It was during high school that I got Chopin's Scherzo No. 2.  A teacher who knew I was struggling with the piece gave me a recording of the work, and this really helped me.  I have always been able to remember music by hearing it on a radio or on a recording, so with a recording I was able to get a foreknowledge of the music I was about to read in braille, and get into my fingers.
It also helps to know wen your best memorizing time is.  Mine is probably morning or early afternoon; trying to memorize after working all day is not a good idea for me, but you may be different.
I hope this helps.
Gil Busch

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