[Menvi-discuss] Some problems with music memorization

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Mon Apr 15 12:28:49 EDT 2019

like anything, it gets quicker, if not easier, the more you do it.

At 06:36 AM 4/15/2019, you wrote:
>This would be extremely frustrating. I tent to learn every thing 
>at once: fingering, notes, dymanic markings. I devide the pice in to 
>sections, then learn each one and then put them together. I learn a 
>lot of music at the same time [For example, a russian pieceand a 
>verdi requiem in 6 weeks] and although I can read and sing that the 
>same time I've spent so many years learning piano I just learn it 
>anyway. It comes quite easy for me though, so not sure what else I 
>can suggest.
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>Subject: [Menvi-discuss] Some problems with music memorization
>HI everyone,
>I'm coming along ok with my harp, and I can even get through 
>learning whole songs. However, after I learn it, I can't easily 
>reproduce just small portions of it. In other words my teacher can't 
>get me to easily recall what
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