[Menvi-discuss] Some problems with music memorization

Miso Kwak misokwak12 at gmail.com
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I am mainly a flute player, as in I don't really have to worry about
getting the correct fingering  like pianists or harpists often have to
do, so please take it as much or as little as this is applicable to
For remembering notes, I feel that one helpful strategy is keeping the
notes and ultimately the piece in your mind outside of your actual
practice or lesson time.
One way I do this is by whistling or humming the portion that I am
trying to memorize and keep it fresh as I go about my day. Another
thing I used to do often, especially during the days when I was in
high school wind ensemble was listening to the pieces I was working on
intentionally listening for my parts and others' parts, and sometimes
unintentionally as a background music to studying.

All the best,

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> This would be extremely frustrating. I tent to learn every thing at once:
> fingering, notes, dymanic markings. I devide the pice in to sections, then
> learn each one and then put them together. I learn a lot of music at the
> same time [For example, a russian pieceand a verdi requiem in 6 weeks] and
> although I can read and sing that the same time I've spent so many years
> learning piano I just learn it anyway. It comes quite easy for me though, so
> not sure what else I can suggest.
> Steph
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> Subject: [Menvi-discuss] Some problems with music memorization
> HI everyone,
> I'm coming along ok with my harp, and I can even get through learning whole
> songs. However, after I learn it, I can't easily reproduce just small
> portions of it. In other words my teacher can't get me to easily recall what
> notes were played. I am able to get the muscle memory, but then I can't
> recall the notes. This causes problems especially if my fingering is wrong
> and my teacher tries to correct me. What types of methods have helped you
> learn to memorize? Do you find you're able to store multiple songs with also
> lthe correct notes in your head. For instance, if I want to convert a song
> to piano from harp, I can't because I don't remember the notes just where my
> fingers should go. I do read braille music, but I obviously can't read and
> play at the same time. Please help, I feel ddumb!
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