[Menvi-discuss] Some problems with music memorization

Eden eden420 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 15 03:11:42 EDT 2019

HI everyone,
I'm coming along ok with my harp, and I can even get through learning whole songs. However, after I learn it, I can't easily reproduce just small portions of it. In other words my teacher can't get me to easily recall what notes were played. I am able to get the muscle memory, but then I can't recall the notes. This causes problems especially if my fingering is wrong and my teacher tries to correct me. What types of methods have helped you learn to memorize? Do you find you're able to store multiple songs with also lthe correct notes in your head. For instance, if I want to convert a song to piano from harp, I can't because I don't remember the notes just where my fingers should go. I do read braille music, but I obviously can't read and play at the same time. Please help, I feel ddumb!

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