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Once you are sure that you are in the music area of BARD, you can choose to browse by composer according to the alphabetic letter of the composer’s last name; or you can enter the composer’s name in the search box.  For major composers such as Mozart, these techniques will give you a large number of items, perhaps many more than you want; but the browsing will help you get familiar with the BARD listings.  When I browse, I find wonderful treasures that I hadn’t even considered.  If I don’t have time for all of them now, I remind myself to come back to them later.


If you are searching the entire NLS catalog at loc.gov/nls, you can choose the multiple-term search.  You can then search according to a combination of as many as three terms.  For each term you should not only enter a word or phrase, but also make a selection such as “author” or “title” or “key word” or “material type.”   Although this kind of search sounds very complicated, you will enjoy it once you become accustomed to it.  


Music catalogs are tricky because of the many unusual spellings of names.  Furthermore, musical works have different names in various languages.  The opus number is helpful if you know it.  Sometimes you may need to search under the name of the entire work, such as Mendelssohn’s ELIJAH, although you may want only one selection such as the aria “Hear Ye, Israel.”   In any event, don’t give up the first time your search yields no results.  Hunting for music may require considerable patience.  


Of course the NLS staff can help you.  Because they read the MENVI messages, these skillful librarians will probably post some hints and techniques that are far better than what I have recommended.  Be sure to check the MENVI posts next week to see what the NLS experts tell us.

                                                                                                Karen Gearreald


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Thank you for this! I did actually go on NLS and look, but I'm wondering if I'm clearly aweful at sorting out what key words to use as I found none of them. I found the chorus parts for the C Minor Mass, I think it was. But I didn't spot what I needed, which was why I turned to the list. May I ask what magic words you were using to find these pieces? 


Cristina Jones

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The NLS Music Section has many staples of the classic soprano repertoire.  For instance, the entire Mozart Mass in C Minor (K. 427) is available there and is even downloadable from BARD.  Also available, though not yet on BARD, is Mendelssohn’s aria “Hear Ye Israel,” published separately by RNIB or included in the Schirmer anthology called FIFTY-TWO SACRED SONGS YOU LIKE TO SING.  Actually I think that the staff at the NLS Music Section can help you find almost everything—perhaps everything—on your list.

                                                                                                Karen Gearreald


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Hi, all!

Does anyone, by chance, have the following:


Hear Ye Israil from Mendelssohn’s Elijah

Laudamus Te from Mozart’s Mass in C Minor K. 427 (if someone has the whole thing as far as soprano solo bits go, I would kiss your feet)

So Shall the Lute and Harp from Handel’s Judas Macabeas

Any of the soprano solos for Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion—especially Blute Nur

Any of the Bach soprano solos for St. John’s Passion—especially Zerfliesse, mein Herze

Vidit suum dulcern natum from Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater


Any help with any of those pieces would be very much appreciated!




Cristina Jones

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