[Menvi-discuss] rule for doubled intervals before eighth rests?

Debra Baxley debrabaxley330 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 19:07:57 EDT 2017

The interval of a fifth is doubled after an eighth note e and two
eighth rests are brailled after the eighth note e and the doubled
interval of a fifth.


On 9/18/17, Patrick Janson via Menvi-discuss <menvi-discuss at menvi.org> wrote:
> Hi Debra,
> Rests have no impact on doubled intervals. They carry right through them, no
> matter the variety of rest.
> Because you mentioned eighth rests specifically, it make me think you might
> have the rule of grouped 16th notes in mind, in that we cannot group 16th
> notes before an either note or rest (among other restrictions), and confused
> that with intervals.
> Patrick
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>> What is the rule for doubled intervals before an eighth rest?
>> Debra
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