[Menvi-discuss] Blind music major questions

Janice Stone rhinogirl414 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 10:19:14 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I have a student who is a senior in high school who reads braille music,
and plays in band.  She will be a music major next year in college, and has
questions about how she will receive and complete assignments in her music
classes.  If you have any experience with this, please respond to the
questions below.

1. What technology do you use for music theory, music history and aural

2.  How do you get your music theory assignments from your professors?

3.  What technology do you need to use to turn in your music theory

4.  If you had to take a pre-test for music theory as an entrance exam, how
was it made accessible for you?

5.  How did you get your textbooks in braille and audio?

Any help is appreciated?


Janice Stone
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