[Menvi-discuss] any blind orchestra players out there?

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Congratulations, Leslie!  That is excellent news.

Whenever I have played in a band or orchestra, I have always liked to have a
paper copy of my braille music on a music stand in front of me.  Of course,
like you, I must memorize the music.  But I find that having the hardcopy
score there is like having a safety net beneath the tight rope on which I am
walking.  If I have a memory lapse, I can quickly refer to it during a time
when I am counting rests or, in a rehearsal situation, when the conductor is
working with other people in the group.

If having formatted braille available on a note-taker device works for you
or others, that's good.  I personally just like having paper there because
batteries not required.  

I always liked to get to my place independently using my cane.  Arriving
early helps.  That being said, I don't see anything wrong with soliciting
aid when necessary.


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hi all. I have some news that I wanted to share with you. Yesterday, I found
out that I got into the Elmhurst symphony. this is a community orchestra. I
had an audition Tuesday night and I found out Wednesday morning. Although I
have played in  orchestra in college before, this is the first time I am
doing it on a professional level. this is also the first time that I am
learning everything through Braille  music, as I have had somebody record
the cello parts for me in the past. So I'm wondering if anybody might have
some tips and tricks for me. for example, how are you able to coordinate
everything so the music was transcribed and learned on time? have you used
your note taker such as a  braille lite or pqcmate  to mark your music? did
you use a cane, guide dog, or cited guide to get on and off stage at
concerts? These are just a few of the questions I have and   I am sure  more
will  come to mind. I look forward to a good discussion and thanks in

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