[Menvi-discuss] Online catalogue of Braille music.

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Dear Nafset,

Regarding RNIB, they have scores both for loan and for sale, and as far as I 
know, it does not matter what citizenship you have or where you reside. I've 
personally not borrowed any scores yet, so I don't know exactly how this 
process takes place, but I bought some scores and I can say that it's really 
easy. All you need to do is go to www.rniblibrary.com, select "Music only" 
in the combo box above the search box, type in what you're searching for and 
press Enter. You will then be presented with a list of results, of course. 
You can navigate between them by pressing the letter H, as they are both 
marked with a heading and a link which you can activate if you want to get 
more information. When you find something which interests you, you can place 
the order by telephone, calling the international exports department on +44 
1733 37 5400. When placing the order, you must provide the order number, 
which you can find next to the title. Also, bear in mind that you need a 
bank card in order to pay for the score. Another thing to consider is that 
if the score is not marked as being for sale, you may call the music 
librarian Heather Nazmdeh on +44 1733 37 51 05, who will assist you further. 
For more information, you may consult the guide to buying and loaning music 
from RNIB at 
Also, you may consult the worldwide listing of organizations producing and 
loaning Braille music at 

Regarding the Braille music online catalogue, you may visit the Braille 
music transcription server (BrailleMUSE) at 
http://gotoh-lab.jks.ynu.ac.jp/braille_music_score/en/ which has lots of 
scores, as well as a music XML to Braille music translation server.


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Dear Menvi members:

Is there any online catalogue of available Braille scores?

What are the are the resources for electronic Braille scores?

Am I eligible for BARD since I’m student here in USA now? And how can I get 
access to it?

Am I eligible for RNIB?

My apologies for such a great amount of questions, but I am given new 
repertoire every day and cannot find anything.

Thank you!

Best regards!


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