[Menvi-discuss] NLS Circular 4. Braille Music Transcribers

Karen Gearreald karen118 at cox.net
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Another list is at the "Music Transcribers" link of www.nationalbraille.org
(the web site of the National Braille Association).  Actually, though,
neither the National Braille list nor the NLS circular can be entirely
current, since new braillists frequently become certified in music.  If you
have difficulty in finding a music transcriber, feel free to write to me off
list (karen118 at cox.net).  Having taught the braille music transcription
course for the Library of Congress for the past fourteen years, I am well
acquainted with many music braillists.  

Since the total number of certified music braillists is relatively small, it
may not be easy to find someone in a particular locality.  E-mail and the
telephone should enable you to work effectively with a braillist in any part
of the country.  It would be wonderful to find a music braillist in your own
community, but that would be a happy accident.  Remember, too, that some
music braillists are too busy for additional assignments and that many
braillists have unique preferences and specialties.  Keep looking until you
find the right braillist for your needs.  
						Karen Gearreald

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Hi all.  I'm trying without success to find a copy of Circular 4, the list
of braille music transcribers from NLS.  I am getting a message that the
page is no longer available for some reason.  Would anyone happen to have a
copy of the list and be willing to send it to me?
I'm trying to help a high school student find transcribers in her area.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Kaiti Shelton


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