[Menvi-discuss] instruments

Beth Smaligo bsmaligo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 16:01:21 EDT 2017

I could use a little assistance selling my instruments so I can get a
clarinet. There has been ZERO movement in two weeks and I'm getting
massively frustrated. I've never sold anything before, let alone
big-ticket items, so I could use some assistance. I have a violin that
Ioriginally bought that I've owned for a decade and more that I'm
finding lately that I no longer play. I'm thinking of selling it, case
and all , and everything extra I ever bought for it over the years
(extra cake of rosin, different mutes, chinrest, etc) for a flat
$2,300 + $100 shipping. I also have a small acoustic guitar I'd like
to sell for a flat $135. My goal is twofold: I'd like to make a lump
sum payment on my student debt; it'll be but a dent, but it'll be
SOMETHING in the right direction. The other goal is perhaps a little
more ambitious: to buy an intermediate-level A clarinet. I'm still
doing my research, but I have considerably narrowed my choices down
and have started to seriously consider one that is just over a grand
once the tax is figured in. I'd like to sell at least the violin by
September 15 and the guitar by September 25. Please email me if you
can do anything from advise to purchase. Advance thanks!
Elizabeth [Beth] A. Smaligo, B.A., M.A.

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