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If they have an older edition and you have a copy of the new print, perhaps
you could get together with a sighted colleague (or an advanced student) and
compare the two. Often, there aren't many changes from one edition to the
next, and many of the ones that are included are primarily cosmetic in
nature. I have found that my students are all very curious about Braille in
general and Braille music in particular, and they enjoy spotting differences
between my book and theirs. The youngest ones like telling me about all the
weird pictures they have in theirs and wonder why they aren't in mine. As
the age and capability of the student increases, they can be very helpful in
going over things like page numbers, titles, and whether or not fingerings
have been changed.

Good luck!


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Hello all:

Would anyone know where I may find the latest edition in Braille of the
Leila Fletcher Coursebook 3?
I have contacted the Library of Congress but they do not have them.
They are currently working on the order, but I need it within the next
couple of months.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Betina Vega


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