[Menvi-discuss] Great Music News

Chela Robles cdrobles693 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 19:10:43 EST 2016

I've been invited to play at a local music club in Martinez California 
called Armandos if anyone has ever heard of the 21 and older age venu.
I'll be playing "Misty," Home," by Philip Philips, and an original pop 
tune from a neighbor guitarist called "You Got This," which he actually 
wrote for me.
It is an event that takes place from 1:00PMPST-4:00PMPST April 3rd.
It is a fundraiser to help blind music students ages 14-24 attend the 
Music Academy for the Blind at Napa California's Enchanted Hills Camp.
People have been asked to donate $20 at the door.
This is an exciting opportunity for those to learn what I'm learning 
now, minus the fact I've not had any experience to utilize the 
caketalking sonar studio software, but I'm very delighted to support 
those who have that chance to learn braille music reading and writing 
and composing and recording which I didn't have that opportunity myself. 
I'm just learning braille music myself on my own. That is why I also 
asked for that braille file you had mentioned in a prior message.
Anyway, wish me well even though I'm sure it will be a great success!
Trumpeter Chela Robles from Concord, California


You can live the life you want. your disability is not what holds you back. Use your disability to break down common barriers and misconceptions. You can do this!
Chela Robles
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