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Hi Teresa,

As Patrick said, the chords are placed beneath the left hand notes, but
there is no reason the chords cannot be aligned with the actual note where
the change occurs. The new music code (coming soon) will offer this as an
alternative method. Knowing where the chords change is very important to the
performer.  The left hand music might have to be adjusted a bit, with extra
spaces added to accommodate the chord names, but this can be explained in a
transcriber's note.




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I was asked the following question about chord placement and I'm not sure of
the correct answer, as I rarely see this.  

When transcribing a piano solo in Bar-over-Bar, do the chords go above the
right hand and placed where they change OR

    Below the Left hand and placed at the margin just one after the other in
the order they change, but not along the line "where" they change?


Thanks for any help.


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