[Menvi-discuss] Ways to find low-cost transcribers or readers

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I think we can forget to put a value on what is skilled work transcribing or reading, and often just want the cheapest solution. Perhaps you could do what I have done and find a musician friend who is willing to read to you and take them out to dinner as a nice thank you. There are methods of dictating music that can be shortened to make the process more efficient. We have a booklet produced in Australia I could send you to help your friend learn about dictating music to a braille music user. It was written by a lady who was the wife of a blind pianist and trombone player who directed music at aschool and arranged for many choirs and bands.
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> On 31 Dec 2016, at 8:37 am, Eden Kizer <eden420 at comcast.net> wrote:
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> The phoblem is although I do work most of the songs I like are 5 to 8 pages of print. I also prefer to in some ways write my own braille score as I do not like braille repeats that much prefer things written out to be honest as I have a display. @What I would like most is someone to simply read out the notation such as the octave number letter name note value time signatures etc. Would someone do this any cheaper? I have no problem writing out my own notation. Otherwise for braille transcription really over like 20 dollars a song is too much. Also you never know how well you can play a song until you see the notation. If anyone is either willing to help with this when I need xI'd be grateful. I'm not asking for a freebie as I there transcribers work very hard just some alternatives to such high cost as  i live in a art'se very expensive. I tried using software myself but without someone who can read music to help me I was at a loss. Thanks again you can email me privately.   Write eden420 at comcast.netÔan 
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