[Menvi-discuss] Going rate for transcriptionists

Karen Gearreald karen118 at cox.net
Thu Dec 29 19:00:10 EST 2016

Bettie Downing's rate of four dollars per braille page is very gracious.
The going rate per braille page is four to seven dollars.  Some transcribers
may prefer to work by the hour at a rate of perhaps twenty dollars.  In
special cases some transcribers also emboss as volunteers.

					Karen Gearreald

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Hi there, I was just wondering what transcribers were charging right now. I
may be interested in having piano scores of songs by Tori Amos. Most of them
are 4 to 9 pages long. I really can not afford more than like 5a page and
even that's stretching it. Most music I like is not available in braille. I
was having it audio-transcribed but the lady went up to 10 a print page
maybe this is the norm I don't know. I appreiate any help in this matter.
You can contact me privately to avoid list clutter. 

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