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David Goldstein - Resource Center info2 at blindmusicstudent.org
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Hi Eden,

I hope someone with experience will reply to your question.  My understanding is that any individual in the US and most other countries can borrow from the RNIB and most other countries as an individual.  You just need to write to the library to get things started.  There may be ways to do it through NLS, also, or NLS may already have the book.  Could one of the listers who does this all the time share pointers we should know?


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  Hi there,
  If I want jo browse and borrow things from Rnib music wise, what site do I go to and also can I borrow as someone from the U.S. or would I need 'to purchase? If ow can borrow or purchase, can someone guide me to how? I looked at their site but I can't figure if a U.S. person can borrow but I heard they could. 


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