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I don't know what you or they would consider "reasonable", but Sibelius 5.25
(and make sure it's that version) works very well for writing the melody,
chord symbols and lyrics associated with lead sheets. You can get an
educational discount on the software.


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Hi all,

Next semester I will be taking Functional Music Therapy Skills, one of
my music therapy courses in which I will learn 40 songs to start
building my repertoire.  A lot of the course focuses on reading and
writing leadsheets.

As I have never learned to read braille music leadsheets, and my
professors agreed that it would probably be easier and more practical
for me just to learn the songs by ear and not deal with them at all,
we have come up with accomodations for working around reading the
sheets.  One of my professors has already recorded about half the
songs I'll need to learn and has dropboxed them to me way in advance
so I can start over the summer as the other students are doing.
However, I was looking over the syllabus and noticed that it mentioned
there would be leadsheet writing assignments.  I didn't know about
that when I discussed accomodations for the course while I was still
at school, so I am trying to brainstorm best approaches for this.  I
have Goodfeel, and could learn how to write leadsheets in Lime if it's
possible and practical to do so.  If not, then are there any
alternatives anyone can think of that would be reasonable ideas for
accomodations?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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