[Menvi-discuss] Books and Beyond Program?

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I did not find it; it may not be there, yet.





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Teachers have a sacred task:
It is to give children the skills to understand the world and an expectation
that the world is a trustworthy place; that it is full of light, and love,
and music and that each student deserves--and will have--their own place in
it and the chance to play their own song.
And, as much of these expectations are transmitted non-verbally-and in
Chela's case--out of sight.it is the voice and touch of a Teacher that sheds
light on what the world can be.
Academics-and no one will ever change my mind on this-take a distant second
place. -Dr. Bil Hawkins
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On 5/29/2013 6:06 PM, Debra Baxley wrote:

Where's the Books and Beyond program?



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