[Menvi-discuss] 2013 Braille Beats Fine Arts Program

Brunhilde Merk-Adam bkmabma at yahoo.com
Tue May 28 14:26:47 EDT 2013

Last call for applications to Braille Beats Fine Arts Program Summer 
Residential Intensive.

We unexpectedly have 2 openings for this year's program held June 15 to 
23.  Some scholarship assistance may be available for both the K-12 and 
the post secondary components of the program.

Music:  Theory, braille music/notation, rhythm and ear training, solo 
and ensemble performance, concert prep.  This year's Celebration 
Performance will be all ensemble -  learned during the program.  Talent 
night for solo performance.  2013 Theme:  Global Music.
Art:  Exposure to a variety of art media with focus on elements of design.
Movement:  spatial orientation, flexibility & self-discipline.
Mobility/Travel:  Personal Flash Sonar.
Independent Living Skills, as needed, throughout the program.

Held at the Lion's Bear Lake Camp about 30 miles north of Detroit Michigan.

To be considered, please submit an application ASAP.  Applications are 
available upon request at braillebeats at gmail.com

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