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Hi all,

As a long-time student of the Braille Beats program I can say it's a
great experience.  This will be my sixth year attending the program
and each year I've been able to learn something new, right up through
last year before I started as a music major.  The program isn't
limitted to younger students, and there are actually a good number of
students who are in college in addition to the younger members.  It's
a great way for musicians of all levels to keep their skills sharp or
improve them in a supportive environment, experience other art
modalities like sculpting and pottery, and to just have fun and get to
meet other blind students.  It's a very fun week with a lot of great
people and I would encourage anyone interested to check it out at

On 5/28/13, Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> FYI for you younger musicians.
> Brandon Keith Biggs
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> Subject: [musictlk] 2013 Braille Beats
> Last call for applications to Braille Beats Fine Arts Program Summer
> Residential Intensive.
> We unexpectedly have 2 openings for this year's program held June 15 to
> 23.  Some scholarship assistance may be available for both the K-12 and
> the post secondary components of the program.
> Music:  Theory, braille music/notation, rhythm and ear training, solo
> and ensemble performance, concert prep.  This year's Celebration
> Performance will be all ensemble -  learned during the program.  Talent
> night for solo performance.  2013 Theme:  Global Music.
> Art:  Exposure to a variety of art media with focus on elements of design.
> Movement:  spatial orientation, flexibility & self-discipline.
> Mobility/Travel:  Personal Flash Sonar.
> Independent Living Skills, as needed, throughout the program.
> Held at the Lion's Bear Lake Camp about 30 miles north of Detroit Michigan.
> To be considered, please submit an application ASAP.  Applications are
> available upon request at braillebeats at gmail.com
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