[Menvi-discuss] Schenker

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Wed May 22 14:19:32 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I will be starting Theory III in the fall and a lot of the work in
this semester will involve Schenkerian Analysis.  I have already made
some contact in advance to the staff of the Summer Braille Music
Institute and we are planning to explore ways in which to do this
along with my professor for next semester, but since I saw Schenker on
some of the other threads I was curious about how others have done it
so far.

I'm a little worried because this professor is a self-proclaimed
"Born-again Schenker," with his own system of notation.  I know even
for his theory I and II students that he taught them slightly
different ways of notating things.  For example, instead of writing
secondary dominant progressions as V/V, V he taught them to write V/V
with a right pointing arrow under the V chord, then the next chord
after that, which for the sake of the example we'll just call I,
because he feels like writing the resolving dominant chord after
already writing it in the secondary dominant chord is redundant.  I'm
a little worried that these little things he does differently might
complicate the process, as I know for sure the way he does Schenkerian
Analysis is not exactly like how other people do it.

Anyway, any descriptions of how this was done successfully would be
appreciated.  I  know I'll have to modify them, but as of now if I can
get an idea of how Schenker works that would be a great start.


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