[Menvi-discuss] NFB Training center????

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Wed May 15 16:07:09 EDT 2013


A lot of good advice has been given already.  I would suggest you contact
the training centers you plan to go to and see how they can address your
issues.  I agree that if you are seeking more independent living skills
that you go to the center first, then go to college.  Your ability to serve
yourself will be a big plus when you start doing your studies.  College
time goes in cycles.  Some times you will have more time to serve your
needs, and then there will be those time periods in which you wish you had
more time.  As you develop and apply your independent living skills during
your college years, you will be able to prepare yourself for what exists
outside of college and in the job world.  These opportunities will be
beneficial also in the networking system you develop and use.  Good luck.
Rick Coates

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> Hello All,
> I am having a hard decision trying to decide if I want to go to an NFB
> training center or not. (I promise, this is music related).
> I understand that I will benefit greatly from any training center no
> matter where I go, but the big dilemma is that I want to go to college
> and study music education or performance. (I'm not 100% sure). If I go
> to a training center, I'm thinking I would loose 6-9 months of
> practicing and performance. And during the seven years as a trumpet
> player, there has never been a month where I haven't played. So I
> can't imagine not playing for six months. What do you guys think I
> should do? Should I go to a training center right after high school
> and then audition for colleges? Or, should I go to college and maybe
> get a degree in music education or performance; go to a training
> program knowing I have that degree; and then look for a job after the
> training?
> Thanks,
> Winona
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