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That seems to be what's called part-measure in-accord notation.  Everything
that precedes the sign dot 5, dot 2, is played simultaneously with
everything that immediately follows that same sign until you reach the 4-6,
1-3 sign which indicates the end of the part-measure in-accord.  In other
words, at that part of the measure, there are two independently rhythmic
voices sounding.


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this measure has:
F quarter, slur Gb, dot 5, dot 2, 3rd octave sign, F quarter, Gb, dots 46,
dots 13.
What is going on?
My teacher said he had no markings and to me those look like a portamento
and something I've never seen before, but earlier in the piece, the dot 5, 2
are between a quarter and a rest.
If anyone knows what is going on please let me know. There are lyrics, and I
can type them out if that would help.

Brandon Keith Biggs 

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