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> Books and Beyond Welcomes Opera Singer and Author Laurie Rubin, Wednesday, May 15, 2013
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> Laurie Rubin has dedicated her life to fulfilling her dreams. Where she found obstacles, she worked her way through them. When she encountered barriers, she spoke out and employed her advocacy skills to surmount them. Like many who face difficulty, she learned early the strength of family and the importance of self advocacy. She grew up asking why and in doing so carved out a career which successfully utilizes her skills and vocal talent. Born in California, Laurie knew she wanted to sing. From an early age, Laurie Rubin   followed the difficult route of classical music and opera and has achieved her dream. What difficulties did she have to overcome? How important is family support in achieving personal goals? In competition with so many other talented vocalists, what does she do to stand out?  What is a singing career and making CD’s like? Has Laurie met     famous celebrities?   From whom does she receive inspiration? Why did she write the book available on Bard you will read about below?
> On our next show, join us in meeting and welcoming mezzo soprano and author Laurie Rubin. She has achieved much of which she can be very proud. Building a  life is often a challenge. Taking a chance on a dream and a passion is even scarier, for it takes all your hope and heart in its realization. Greater Never one to give up on herself, she listened to counsel but never allowed the naysayers to discourage her. In several words, she is feisty and tenacious. She never settled for a maybe when a yes was possible and found the answers that took her to the career she has always wanted. I hope you will join us. Information about Laurie’s book is available below followed by details needed to attend our next Books and beyond.  
> Do you dream in color? insights from a girl without sight DB 75761
> Rubin, Laurie. Reading time: 8 hours, 18 minutes.
> Read by Kristin Allison.
> Biography
> Disability
> Music Appreciation and History
> Rubin, a blind mezzo-soprano opera singer born with perfect pitch and Leber's Amaurosis--a disease that prevents the retina from developing--recounts her idyllic California childhood learning to read braille, use a cane, and ski and taking voice lessons. Highlights her struggles getting roles because of her disability. Young adult appeal. 2012.
> Download Do you dream in color?: insights from a girl without sight 
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