[Menvi-discuss] NFB Training center????

Julie McGinnity kaybaycar at gmail.com
Sun May 12 18:23:20 EDT 2013

Hi Winona,

I have never been to a training center, so my advice might not work
out perfectly.  But I think that there is no reason you won't be able
to practice while you're at the center.  I don't know which NFB
traning center you were looking at, but I would imagine that at least
one of them has someone on staff who knows braille music and could
help you prepare for your career in that way.  Also, while you are at
the training center, you are allowed to get involved with the
community, so if you wanted to join a band or orchestra at a church or
some other place, I'm sure that wouldn't be forbidden.  I bet the
centers encourage you to do things outside of the center as long as it
doesn't interfere with your training.

Perhaps you should contact the staff at the three centers and ask them
these questions.  That way you could determine a center where you
would feel most comfortable as a musician.  As far as I know, you get
nights and weekends off unless there is a special event, so you can
ask them about that and  about the possibility of joining a community
orchestra while you are there.  You shouldn't dismiss the possibility
of going to a center now if that is really what you want.

Let us know how things turn out.

On 5/12/13, Winona Brackett <trumpetqueenwb at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Hello All,
> I am having a hard decision trying to decide if I want to go to an NFB
> training center or not. (I promise, this is music related).
> I understand that I will benefit greatly from any training center no
> matter where I go, but the big dilemma is that I want to go to college
> and study music education or performance. (I'm not 100% sure). If I go
> to a training center, I'm thinking I would loose 6-9 months of
> practicing and performance. And during the seven years as a trumpet
> player, there has never been a month where I haven't played. So I
> can't imagine not playing for six months. What do you guys think I
> should do? Should I go to a training center right after high school
> and then audition for colleges? Or, should I go to college and maybe
> get a degree in music education or performance; go to a training
> program knowing I have that degree; and then look for a job after the
> training?
> Thanks,
> Winona
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