[Menvi-discuss] Congrats to Julie for winning the NFB Scholarship!

Julie McGinnity kaybaycar at gmail.com
Wed May 8 16:08:34 EDT 2013

Hi Brandon,

Thank you so much!  How thoughtful you are!

Yes, it is a difficult process.  Practicing...  There is hardly time
to think straight that week!  Lol  But it's a great process and
definitely one of the most wonderful honors I have been granted.

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Kaiti Shelton,
who is also on this list.  She won her first scholarship this year.  I
believe that there is one other music person in the scholarship class.
 We will definitely show them how awesome we musicians are!  :)

On 5/8/13, Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just wanted to give a shout-out of congratulations to Julie McGinnity for
> winning an NFB scholarship!
> I think this is her second time which is truly amazing and I wish her all
> the luck on going through the hardest week in the world! It is extremely
> difficult as a musician in my opinion, as there is very little time during
> the week for a scholarship winner to get 10 minutes free to practice and
> everyone is always wanting to hear you perform.
> Congrats Julie and reach for that $12000 baby!
> Brandon Keith Biggs
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