[Menvi-discuss] Music history textbooks

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Tue May 7 20:15:08 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have taken music history, far past or fairly
recent to the present, have you used these books and/or know if NLS
would have them?

Barbara Russano Hanning, Concise History of Western Music, Fourth
Edition, ISBN 978-0-393-93251-5.  with accompanying music anthologies:
Vol. 1: ISBN 978-0-393-93126-6; Vol. 2: ISBN 978-0-393-93127-3; Vol.
3: ISBN 978-0-393-93240-9

I got lucky; I have a fabulous music history professor next year, and
together we're trying to locate as many of the materials we'll need in
braille before we put in a request to disability services and our two
student braille music transcribers to tackle what's left.  We've found
plenty of the scores we need for listening assignments, but neither my
professor or I have had any luck finding these books at least online.
I plan to call NLS tomorrow in the morning, unless of course someone
here has already tried that and knows they're not available.  I'm not
seeing anything online so I don't think they have them, but I thought
I'd double check in case I can save the student transcribers some
work... three anthologies, even just the examples we use in
class/homework and nothing more, will probably still be a lot on top
of the theory and sight singing music they already transcribe.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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