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Southern California Conservatory of Music - MENVI's life-support source - has now closed all teaching facilities. The non-profit corporation now
exists as an entity only, and sponsors some outreach activities, which includes our MENVI Network.

A new contributions page is now on our site for online support. Membership fees are still not required of members, but regular donations will be
needed to ensure ongoing services, and the resumption of mailing that members have enjoyed for over sixteen years.

Thanks to all of you for making this list the best there is, and truly "one of a kind" in our field of interests.

If you wish to make a contribution, visit www.menvi.org/donate.html  where there will be a paypal button to make that contribution via paypal itself or the major credit cards.

Please contact MENVI online with any questions you may have about making your contribution.  

MENVI Webmasters and Staff
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