[Menvi-discuss] Braille music question when there are two lines of words

Brandon Keith Biggs brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com
Mon May 6 17:04:13 EDT 2013

I have a lot of scores that have both German and Italian, or English and 
German lyrics and they are played one on top of the other. Usually the 
translation is on top and the original is on the bottom. In the music, there 
is an in accord sign in-between two similar lines of notes. I'm wondering 
what side of the in accord sign I play for what? up to this point I was 
always matching the first half with the original or the second line of 
lyrics, but it just hit me that mathematical logic dictates that the second 
half should be matched with the second line of lyrics.
I was reading it to minimize the length my hand goes across the page, but 
I'm not sure that is correct.

For example, I have:

Bravo, mein gnad'ger Herr!
Bravo, Signor padrone!
ggggbbgg(rest)(in accord)ggggbg(rest)

Frankly the first half of the in accord sounds like it matches with the 
Italian lyrics, but I just want to make sure...
If someone could please enlighten me I would be very appreciative!
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs 

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